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"Prefabrication Trends and Future Outlook in the Construction Industry" is a new report by Timetric that globally analyzes changes in demand for prefabricated building types over the next two years, and the impact of prefabrication on efficiency and productivity. This report also examines executive opinions towards the area of innovation enhancement in prefabricated construction. It analyzes the projected increase in demand for construction segments in prefabrication during 20142016. In addition, it provides an overview of the key barriers faced by construction companies when implementing prefabrication.


The report features the opinions of construction industry respondents about prefabrication trends in the construction industry covering the following aspects:
The impact of prefabrication on key areas
Prefabrication effect on efficiency and productivity in construction industry
Key drivers for the use of prefabrication buildings
Key focus areas for innovation in prefabricated construction
Change in demand for prefabricated building types over the next two years
Prefabrication implementation by construction stage
Construction segments with significant demand prospects for prefabricated construction in 20142016
Challenges towards implementation of prefabrication in construction projects

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