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New York Forklift Parts - New York is a state within the northeastern United States. New York State must not be confused with New York City. Though Albany is the capital city of the state of New York, the most heavily populated city is the city of New York. As a matter of fact, the city of New York is the most heavily populated city within the nation with a population of over eight million.

The Iroquois, Algonquian and Lenape Native American nations inhabited the area currently referred to as the state of New York when Dutch settlers arrived during the early 17th century. Henry Hudson claimed the region for the Dutch during the year 1609 and a fort was constructed near the location of present-day Albany. The Dutch formed the colony of New Netherland, that was taken over by the British during the year 1664.

New York State borders the states of Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts towards the east and New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south. New York State has a maritime border with Rhode Island east of Long Island. New York shares an international border with Canada to the north and west, that makes Canada an important economic partner with regards to exports and tourism. Canada receives the biggest share of total international exports. Individuals from Canada spend close to $500 million each and every year while visiting New York State.

New York City attract millions of tourists from all around North America and the rest of the globe. The city is a major center for culture, finance, manufacturing and transportation. New York City is home of the New York Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange within the globe by dollar volume. Various key companies have their headquarters here. New York City played an essential part in the development of the nation as the gateway for immigration to the U.S.

Upstate New York has a concentration of manufacturing industries that produce garments, printed products, bus line vehicles, furs and railroad equipment. Nanotechnology and microchip manufacturing occurs within Albany and the Hudson Valley. Manufacture of photographic imaging and equipment takes place within the Rochester area. various products of New York State include scientific instruments, electric equipment, chemical products and machinery. New York State is a main agricultural producer generating over $3 billion in agricultural products from farmland which covers approximately one quarter of its total land area. Major products include cattle and other livestock, dairy, nursery stock, vegetables, maple syrup and apples. No other state produces as much cabbage as New York state.

The state of New York has a bigger economy compared to lots of independent countries. In fact, it ranks as the 16th largest economy in the globe behind Turkey. $46,364 is the average per capita income.

New York's exports totaled $71.1 billion during the year 2007. Exports consist of foodstuffs, computers and electronics, minerals, commodities, auto parts and cut diamonds. Besides Canada, its biggest markets for exports are Switzerland, the UK, Hong Kong and Israel.

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