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Syracuse Forklift Parts - Syracuse is the county seat of Onondaga County, New York and, with a population of 145,170, is the 5th most populated city in the state and the 170th largest city in the nation. The metropolitan area has a population of about 742,603. Syracuse is Central New York's economic and educational core, a region which is home to more than a million people. There are numerous convention places situated in Syracuse, including a convention complex downtown and the Empire Expo Center, that is situated directly west of the city and hosts the annual great New York State Fair. The name of the city is derived from Siracusa, a city on the eastern shore of Sicily, an island in Italy.

The Onondaga Nation of the Iroquois Confederacy were the initial residents on the lands that presently make up the city of Syracuse. The Iroquois once had an alliance with the British, and were influential driving out French traders and missionaries. Some of the important historic events include the post-war granting of land to the Continental Army ex-officers, the unearthing of salt in the mines nearby, and the completion of the Erie Canal, that occurred in 1825.

During the past few decades the economy within the city of Syracuse has suffered because numerous industrial jobs have left the region. Additionally, state and local government jobs are also on the decline. The most important employers which remain in the city of Syracuse are primarily within education and the service industries. Because of the recent expansions by Syracuse University and Upstate Medical University and the development of several small medical office complexes, the neighborhood of University Hill is expanding.

In Syracuse, is a division of Time Warner Cable, in addition to a Bristol-Myers Squibb complex near the district of Eastwood. The company was founded by graduates of nearby Hamilton College.

There are also a few big employees within Syracuse, with most employers are small. This would allow for a certain level of stability. Out of the top eleven companies within Syracuse, eight are involved in the service industry or education. These industries have a tendency to be more stable than the manufacturing businesses.

During the year 1963 the Opera Chorus of the Syracuse was established. It became independent during 1973 and changed its name to the Syracuse Opera Company. As a general rule, three full operas are performed by the Syracuse Opera Company each and every season. There are some free performances which are held each and every year within Thornden Park and Armory Square, along with some other places. The annual budget for the company is US $1 million. The Syracuse Opera Company is the only professional company in upstate New York.

During the year 2002 the Syracuse Shakespeare Festival was established. It is a charitable; not-for-profit company which strives to display the magnificence of the works of William Shakespeare. It is renowned for its yearly Shakespeare-in-the-Park program at Thornden Park Amphitheater, that is provided free of charge. Ever since its start, the Syracuse Shakespeare Festival has drawn more than 17,000 individuals. There are three other major programs which are produced by SSF: Avon Repertory Theatre, Shakespeare-Under-A-Roof and Kids Doing Shakespeare.

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