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Yonkers Forklift Parts - Yonkers is located just outside the city of New York and is only 2 miles north of Manhattan. With a population over more than 195,000, Yonkers is considered the fourth most populated city in the state and is the biggest within the county of Westchester. The most inhabited cities in New York State are Buffalo, Rochester and New York.

Located within the city of Yonkers are several attractions, such as the Sherwood House, the Hudson River Museum, the Science Barge, Cross County Shopping Center, Ridge Hill Shopping Center, and Yonkers Raceway. The raceway just renovated during 2006, adding video slot machine gambling that is legalized and revitalizing its' clubhouse and grounds. There are some shopping areas located all around Central Park Avenue, which is normally referred to as "Central Ave" by residents.

In the latter part of the 1640's, the city's history begins when Adriaen Van der Donck received a land grant form the Dutch East India Company. On the place where the Hudson River intersects the Nepperhan Creek, Van der Donck constructed one of the areas very first saw mills. Van der Donck was lovingly referred to as Jonk Herr, that means young nobleman. Later, his land became referred to as "Jonk Heer's land." The phrase developed into "the Younckers" and then lastly into Yonkers. Due to it's centralized location, Yonkers quickly established itself as a major trading center. During the early history of Yonkers it was mostly an agricultural community, but it's waterfront location quickly led to innovations in travel, that in turn accelerated the establishment of various businesses throughout the city of Yonkers. There are several times during history where the city of Yonkers played a main role in carpet and hat manufacturing. What's more, it was the site of the world's first elevated mass transit system. Yonkers was first incorporated during 1872 with a population of roughly 20,000.

With over $3 billion dollars in changes, the city of Yonkers has recently put forth a proposal to revitalize the locality. The proposal consists of much waterfront development, luxury housing, and lots of commercial and retail space. The aim is to increase tourism and the economic significance of Yonkers to the county and New York State.

There are numerous yearly events that attract thousands of individuals to the city of Yonkers each year. The Yonkers Hudson Riverfest, that provides a diverse selection of ethnic foods, crafts, and entertainment, draws a crowd of over 15,000 individuals. The Untermyer Performing Arts Festival holds performances every Saturday evening during summertime. The events, which include dance, opera, music and street theatre, are held on the Hudson River and are free. Also, the Yonkers Philharmonic Orchestra plays five times each and every year.

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