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Cascade Clamps

Cascade Clamps

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Cascade Clamps - Established in Portland, Oregon in the year 1943, the Cascade Manufacturing Company started as a small machine shop hiring only 4 individuals. Total sales for that particular year amounted to about 60 thousand dollars. The very first recorded sales revenues involved the assembly and machining of stainless steel valves, pipe fittings and other parts. Within 5 years of operation, the business had expanded to 40 workers and their annual sales volume had increased to 330 thousand dollars. These days, Cascade is one of the leading global manufacturers within the material handling industry.

Manufacture and design of the company's initial hydraulic cylinder paved the way in Cascade's aggressive quest of new business possibilities. Over the last 60 years, the material handling trade has developed into a very sophisticated field and Cascade has proudly played a part in this development. Cascade currently continues to develop as the premier provider of lift truck attachments and various associated items. The business feels confident in their skill to be able to continue to lead the way within the business by understanding client's requirements in the future and remaining aggressive within the international market.

Throughout the nineteen fifties, Cascade began to fabricate, design, and advertise its hydraulic attachments. A new facility was made in the year 1956, in order to accommodate all plant operations and offices in Portland, Oregon, which remains to be the company's present head office. Subsequent to fifteen years of business, total employees reached a hundred and eighty employees and sales had reached almost two million three hundred thousand dollars.

A second production plant was built in the year 1959 in Springfield, Ohio. 1960 marked Cascade's preliminary transfer into the global world of the material handling industry when the company recognized interest in England, Australia, and the Netherlands.

The business altered its name to Cascade Corporation in the year 1964. In the year 1965, Cascade went public with an initial offering of 200,000 shares of common stock. The company has expanded its manufacturing plants within the United States with locations in Warner Robins, Georgia, Portland, Oregon and Springfield, Ohio. Cascade products are fabricated internationally due to lots of subsidiary operations. In the year 1944, a new facility was completed in Almere, the Netherlands which is Cascade's European head office. This facility is built to be the essential customer support centre.

Continuing to develop, Cascade expanded their product offering further in the year 1996 and the year 1997 with the remarkable acquisition of 5 firms, including the worldwide leader in forks, the Kenhar Corporation.

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