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Forklift Tire Specs
Forklifts have been an important tool in industry and commercial businesses ever since 1917. Throughout its history the forklift has changed through different forms, from a basic tractor with an attached platform to a specialized high-tech equipment. Forklift tires have also evolved into specialized tires, with various kinds designed to meet specific applications.

Cushion (Solid) Tires
A cushion tire is constructed of solid polyurethane or rubber and is suitable for indoor work on smooth surfaces. The cushion tire tread is bonded or pressed onto the steel ring of the tire. Cushion tires are rated ease of steering and for different load capacities. Cushion tires are commonly utilized within warehouse atmosphere.

Pneumatic Tires
Pneumatic forklift tires are filled with air or foam. They are offered in two kinds: radial or bias. Depending upon the use, they are offered with various sidewall protection, tread depths and weight. Pneumatic forklift tires that are filled with foam are less susceptible to punctures and maintain constant pressures. Pneumatic tires are normally used outdoors on uneven, rough surfaces.

Pneumatic Shaped Solid/Solid Pneumatic
Solid Pneumatic Hybrid tires combine the comfortable ride of a pneumatic tire with the puncture resistance of a solid tire. They are an alternative to the outdoor pneumatic tire.

Large Rubber and Flotation Tires
Big rubber tires, which can be foam, solid or pneumatic, are used on wheel loader forklifts. These tires are suitable for moving and loading heavy items onto trucks or into processing equipment. Big flotation pneumatic tires are suited for masted rough terrain forklifts usually utilized at auto recyclers, lumberyards and construction locations.

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