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Forklift Basics
Forklifts are really handy machinery. The machinery are normally small vehicles with various attachments which allow it to lift and move loads. Warehouses and factories all around the globe will use forklifts. A forklift driver should acquire special training, specially because these kinds of equipment work on rear-wheel drive and this could be very difficult to get used to until one is familiar with it. As the forklift carries its load at the front, the center of gravity is always shifting and this results in the equipment being frequently unstable.

Normally, a forklift operator generally sits in an area known as the "cat." This particular area offers metal protection that stretches overhead like a roof. On the front of the equipment, the mast is located. The mast is the mechanism that raises and lowers the load with the use of hydraulic cylinders.

Forklift Parts
When searching for information about forklift components and aftermarket lift truck components, it is a great idea to check out the Internet or your local phone book. Lots of places offer various support products, lift truck components and forklift accessories.

Structural Parts
The top portion of a forklift is referred to as the overhead guard. The foot guard is the part that separates the load from the cabin. A counterweight is located at the forklift's back and is installed there in an effort to keep the equipment from falling over.

The blades and Apron
The load apron is commonly responsible for keeping the cargo positioned well on the metal arms, or forks, cradle the cargo. The tines can be tilted with a purpose to balance the load. This is done with the tilting ram and the hydraulic hoist arm that powers the upward fork movement.

The Lift Structure
The load apron guard extends over the apron. It functions to keep the cargo stable as the forks carry it along the track of the arms of the upright.

The forklifts IC engine allows the power to be sent to the equipment wheels, providing the lift truck with movement. The wheels have brakes installed so as to allow the driver the chance to slow down or stop the machine as needed.

The lift is operated using hoist controls which resemble a bunch of stick-shaped levers. The forklift is driven by utilizing the steering wheel to turn, similar to a car or truck.

Load Rating Plate
The specific safety rating plate is bolted in the cabin. This load rating plate details the weight limitations for every particular kind of forklift.

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Forklift Parts
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